Online Safety 2018 – Drama Performances in Yr 7 to 11 Assemblies

Andy Morfett | |

Continuing on from Safer Internet Day on Tuesday 6th February 2018 there will be a Drama Performance in Assembly. This will take place between Tuesday 13th February and Friday 3rd March. It will be performed by students from our school who will each deliver a real life story. These stories highlight the following issues:

• Cyber bullying
• Online privacy issues
• Fake social media accounts
• Bereavement
• Suicide
• Sexting

These real life stories have been carefully chosen by the young people who will perform them. They have all been selected to help support the Safer Internet Day slogan, ‘“Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you.”

Shortly after the assembly students will be asked, in their form class, to discuss the following:

• How can we create more positive connections online?
• How can we show and share respect online?
• How would it feel to receive a hurtful/nasty message online?
• How would it feel to receive a positive/kind message online?

Each form class will contribute to a whole school discussion board, the results of which will be used to shape future school initiatives such as assembly topics, PSHCE tasks and anti-bullying strategies.

For further support on how to stay safe online please click below on information provided by the UK Safer Internet Centre: