Student Governor Panel update January 2018

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Report on Student Governor Panels (SGPs)

These meetings began in the summer term of 2017, and are continuing each half term this academic year 2017/18. So far 3 meetings have taken place. Each time different students attend the meeting.

The 30 minute meetings were set up to provide an opportunity for representatives from each year group to talk with a panel of 3 governors about school-related issues, and for governors to question students and become more directly aware of the ‘student voice’. Initially the meetings had an open format but last time moved to being based around OFSTED-based areas*
(*e.g. My school helps me to be healthy/I learn a lot/School staff care about me/ are interested in my views/I know how well I am doing/I know how to improve/school prepares me for my future/staff do a good job).

As well as the above areas, students have discussed specific areas such as the school wifi system, staff on duty wearing hi-viz coats, the desire for some kind of 3G/4G all-weather sports pitches on the school site.

P Howe