Kamila Wins HHS Celebration Event for Kingsley CP!

Mr S Edwards | |

Kamila wins Helsby High Celebration Event for Kingsley CP!

There were over 100 entries to our Open Evening Competition ‘In the Library at Midnight’ from our Year 5 and 6 pupils in local primary schools.

The entries were of an exceptional quality but Kamila’s really stood out for the way she wove an atmospheric story together so skilfully.

To celebrate Kamila’s writing our Year 13 Theatre Studies students turned her story into a performance for her class. Year 6 then had fun participating in some of the lunch time activities we offer in our Learning Resource Centre. They were an impeccably behaved class and wowed us with their creative ideas.

Kamila’s Review of her Celebration Event:
Year 6 from Kingsley CP were invited to Helsby High School Library to celebrate the story that won their ‘In the Library at Midnight’ competition. We were all very excited.

When we got into the room, the lights went dark. Even though I knew the words, it still created an intense atmosphere. There was a ‘ding dong’ twelve times. The 6th Form started to read my work in an almost whisper. They got out of their hiding places and started acting out a well-practised script. Everyone was quiet as if they were scared. Seeing the 6th form’s serious faces showed me that they had practised this act to perfection. I knew what they were going to say, but their expressions and their tones of voices almost made me believe what they were saying. They really inspired me to continue writing stories.

After the lights returned, we had choices of activities including: Guess Who, Connect 4, Lego, quizzes, books, magazines and many more. Over all, I would give the whole trip a 10/10. We’re all looking forward to joining in more library activities when we start at High School next year!

Well done to all the primary school pupils who entered our competition, we’re looking forward to reading more of your amazing writing next year!

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