Yr12 Biology and Art trip Summer 2017

Mr S Edwards | |

Year 12 Biology students had the opportunity to visit Anglesey for 3 days with the Art and Photography department. The beach was only as short walk away from where we were staying in Ty’n-y-Felin. The view from the accommodation was outstanding – which was especially useful for the artists on the trip. Staff there were lovely and very welcoming too.

We spent most of our time working together in groups on the beach collecting data which we analysed back in the classroom at Helsby. Fortunately, the rain held off! On the last day we even played rounders on the beach.

Days were split up into teaching in the classroom at the accommodation and carrying out experiments. Each day we had different activities to do such as the sea zoo, glow-worm walk in the dark, visiting the beach at night and many more.

Overall it was a fun and different way to learn and engaged all of the students.

By Becky K. (Biology Ambassador)