New Student Bike Shelter installed

Mr S Edwards | |

As part of the school student voice programme, last year our students told us they would like more and improved storage for their bikes. As a school we want to encourage our students to cycle, as a healthy and green way to get to and from school, and so set about trying to make this happen.

This October, following the support of Weaver and Sandstone Cycle Forum who made a successful application through the Tesco Plastic Bag Scheme, together with funding provided directly by school, we were pleased to be able to install our new shelter.

It has already provided a success with our students. James from Year 7 and Tom from Year 9 commented:

It’s better because it has a roof on, so the bikes don’t get wet.

The higher bar means you can lean the bike against it without the risk of the wheel bending. And there’s cctv here; so it feels safer.