Year 7 Cultural Diversity Activity Days 2017

Mr S Edwards | |

On Tuesday 18th July and Wednesday 19th July 2017 all of Year 7 took part in two Cultural Diversity Days in school. This involved students not having their usual timetabled lessons and instead they had a variety of activities based upon different culture from across the world. A team of teachers, led by Mr Callaghan, organised creative and thought provoking sessions based around their own subject areas. Year 7 attended these sessions as a form class.

Feedback from Year 7 students:

Japanese Shadow Puppets:
“We built puppets from scratch and had to work as a group to tell a story. It was so much fun and when the lights were out we really had to think about every movement.”

Irish Dancing:
“This was so much fun! The Irish music was really loud and we all had such a good laugh doing this. By the end we were all doing the same dance at the same time. It was really nice to see the Dinner Ladies dancing too.”

Poetry Slam:
“We had to think creatively to write a poem, some of us worked together to do this. We then went outside to sit in the sunshine in the school garden. We were given the choice of performing using a microphone which was really exciting.”

Fun Fireworks:
“We learnt about the history of chemicals and what they had been used for in the past. We also learnt that when burning different ones these produced different colours which meant different things to different cultures.”