Year 7 Students Share Transition Experiences in Governor Welfare Meeting

Mr S Edwards | |

On Wednesday 10 May twelve Year 7 students joined a group of School Governors and key pastoral staff for a meeting in the conference room to talk about their primary school transition.

To help support the discussion the students had prepared a card independently. They were asked to write about how they felt about their move from primary school to secondary school.

Each student shared his or her thoughts with the room. Then there were some questions and further discussion. The Year 7 students who attended this meeting were outstanding ambassadors for their year group.

Ms Simmonds, Assistant Headteacher who coordinates primary transition works very closely with a team of Year 7 EBuddies, some of who were represented in this meeting. This team of students supports Year 6 in their move to us. They are all very much looking forward to June and July where we have New Intake Sessions, JIGSAW and Induction Days.