Gangsta Granny Theatre Reviews

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On the 20th of April 2017 Kingsley CP and Helsby High School Joined together and went to watch Gangsta Granny in the Liverpool Empire Theatre.

We were very excited to watch this, and couldn’t wait to get there, and it was well worth the wait. Originally an amazing book, now a hilarious play deserving 5 stars.

Gangsta Granny had a production team of 10 that included: Raj (the newsagent), Ben (the Grandson), Granny (the Gangsta), the Queen, Ben’s parents (obsessed with dancing) and the Queen’s guards. Raj the newsagent played an incredibly funny character in his store.

This would my top ever performance and I would recommend it to anyone who has a bit of humour. The most spectacular actors were well cast & performed in front of our eyes on the 20th of April.

By Daniel M, Y6 Kingsley C.P school


On the 20th of April, Helsby High School joined together with Kingsley C.P School to watch Gangsta Granny at the Liverpool Empire theatre.

The original book was written by David Walliams, whose novels have won numerous awards; this was no exception.

A humorous production, Gangsta Granny uses a small cast to entertain the audience. As always Raj (the local newsagent) was extremely funny with his strange clothing choses and unusual product deals. To start with, Granny seemed like a normal boring grandma, but turned out to be on of the most exciting Grans. These characters made the play as wonderful as can be.

Having clearly recruited top actors, this production’s acting was at the top level- this creating the play even more spectacular.

Every single piece of backdrop was looking perfect; the stage manager cleverly made them so that they rotated to change ready for the next scene. They all certainly looked that a lot of time had been put into them.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a funny act. Honestly, I can certainly say this is on of the best plays I have ever seen.

Every single person enjoyed it and being with the year 7s made me even more excited to come to Helsby High as a student there.

I really can’t wait!

By Alfie H, Yr6, Kingsley C.P School


I really enjoyed watching Gangsta Granny, as I am a huge fan of David Walliams. One day I hope to be on that stage maybe even doing Gangsta Granny myself. I found the show exiting in many ways such as: the hilarious mobility scooter driving across the stage; the thrilling dancing competition; the naked yoga and the mass robbery of the Crown Jewels! My favourite part was at the end when the cast interacted with all the children in the audience with a big dance announced by the queen. As Gangsta Granny died it really made my throat sore as it was a sad time because Ben and his granny had really bonded together, when all of a sudden she died, and all was lost. Overall I really enjoyed the performance, and can’t wait to do one of my own. Thank you for inviting our school and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Matthew B


On the 20th of April, Year 6 from Kingsley Community Primary school had the incredible opportunity to accompany Helsby High School’s Year 7s on a trip to the theatre. We saw the brand new Gangsta Granny production at the Empire Theatre Liverpool and here is my review of the trip.

Gangsta Granny is a humorous novel by the famed children’s writer and comedian David Walliams, and certainly lived up to its funny expectations.

The story follows a young boy named Ben whose dream is to become a plumber. However, he comes across a setback in the form of his dance-loving parents. Every Friday night his parents send him to his ‘boring Granny’s’ house, which he hates. But one night he discovers that his Granny is not just a farting old woman and is actually an international jewel thief! Ben, who has found a new life in Granny, starts to visit more and more regularly whilst making his parents think he finally wants to dance. The exciting duo soon plots to steal the Crown Jewels and at the same time avoid nosy neighbour, Mr Parker.

At the big moment, they run right into Her Majesty the Queen, who luckily gives them an official pardon.

Overall I think the trip was an amazing experience and we were very lucky to be invited on it. It excites us all for the amazing opportunities offered at high school next year.

By George S, Yr. 6


On the 20th May 2017, Year 6s from Kingsley C.P and Year 7s from Helsby High set off on a trip to the Liverpool Empire Theatre to see the hilarious production of Gangsta Granny.

We were all really excited and couldn’t wait to get there. After what seemed like AGES, we finally arrived at our destination; the Liverpool Empire Theatre. Then, we found our seats. As soon as the play started, we knew it had been worth the long wait.

Gangsta Granny, which was originally a book, was written by David Walliams. He is an amazing children’s author who has won many different international awards for his novels. His books are hilarious, and this is no exception.

The ten actors involved in this production were fantastic and we felt that they really acted as though they were the characters. The play is about a young boy called Ben, whose parents want him to dance. However, he wants to be a plumber. Every Friday night, his parents leave him at his Granny’s house. He hates this as he believes that his Granny is very boring. Raj (the newsagent with crazy deals) changes his mind when he mentions that all old people have secrets, and Ben is determined to find out Granny’s. One Friday evening whilst Ben is eating cabbage soup (his grans favourite meal) he notices an old biscuit tin on the shelf. He waits until she has gone to fetch desert-cabbage pie-and gets it down. When he opens it, he finds something magical inside-jewels!!

This was one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. We arrived home exhausted but happy, having had a great time. Thank you to the teachers who took us, I can’t wait to see more exciting theatre productions when we start High School in September!

By Alana M, Kingsley C.P school