FAME – The Musical at Helsby High School

Mr S Edwards | |

I thought the play was very entertaining and enjoyable to watch and the 3 hours of viewing time went by very quickly as I was so engrossed in the play.

I thought the music and the singers were particularly impressive as they were all able to work together in harmony. I realise how difficult this is as I also was able to watch the rehearsal and I saw how many times it took to get everyone singing and playing together. I also feel that to do this in such a short amount of time was very impressive, it was brilliant to watch.

Some moments of the play were really funny and made the enjoyment of the show even more impressive. The most entertaining moment was when one of the actors was laying on a box watching the Love Bird characters ‘Nick and Serena’.  They were acting out a scene from Romeo and Juliet.   The box was pushed forward in between the two Love Bird characters and they didn’t see but the audience really noticed and it was very funny. Also, in this scene the backstage crew had been forced to come on with bunches of balloons and when Nick and Serena (in their role as Romeo and Juliet) started to kiss the two back stage lads brought their balloons to cover the kiss!  They had disgusted looks on their faces; I couldn’t stop laughing when I looked at their expressions.  The play also had some very sad moments, for instance when Schlomo sang about his poor deceased girlfriend in the graduation scene. The music and singing were really touching and lots of people in the audience were moved by this moment.

I will always remember how brilliant our teachers at Helsby High School are for working so hard to put on the school musical and I will remember the hard working and talented students in this school.

March 2017 written by Cameron F. Year 11.