Year 5 EBook Transition Project

Mr S Edwards | |

We were delighted to welcome eighty-three Year 5 pupils from all 14 of our partner primary schools to take part in the ‘Footsqueek’ transition project on Wednesday 1st and Thursday 2nd February 2017.

The aim of the EBook Project is to enhance pupils’ ICT skills whilst getting to know our high school better in preparation for the big move at the end of Year 6. Over the course of two days the pupils filmed a variety of activities, pupils and teachers around school; this footage will then be used to create an EBook containing text, photos, video and sound recordings all about life at Helsby High school.  The final EBook will be available to download by all partner primary pupils, enabling every prospective pupil to gain a real insight into the school from the point of view of Year 5 pupils.

The workshop gave pupils a chance to experience high school, learn some new ICT skills and of course have plenty of fun! Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed the days and all the schools involved are now looking forward to the next visit at the start of March.

Mr Eaton, Year 7 Leader said: “Year 7 EBuddies fully embraced their responsibilities on the day and acted as exemplary role models!”

Miss Louden, Student Support Coordinator said: “Year 5 formed exciting new friendships with other pupils from local primary schools and together as a group fully explored Helsby High School.”

Here are just a few of the comments from Year 5 pupils about the workshops:

  • I loved all of it, I had a great time!!!
  • I really like exploring the school and having my lunch in the canteen.
  • I loved learning new things today!! It was sooo fun! I am looking forward to March now.

Ms Simmonds, Assistant Headteacher said: “It was amazing how rapidly the Year 5 pupils made friends with each other and it was lovely to see them socialising and communicating.  We have been very fortunate in being able to provide such an experience for our partner primary schools through our collaboration with Footsqueek”.