Year 9 Students Travel through the Universe at Liverpool University

Mr S Edwards | |

On the 11th January 2017, Miss Rogers and ten of our Year 9 students visited Liverpool University for an inspirations STEM Activities day.  During the day they investigated:

  • Turtle Island – Volcanic Risks and Hazards (Environmental Sciences)
  • Dangerous Dragon Quiz (Maths)
  • Astronomy in the Inflatable Planetarium (Physics)

The first session was all about Geology. The task was to decide where to build a new town and port on Turtle Island which contained three volcanoes.  Students learnt about the different types of volcano and that falling lava is not the most dangerous thing that can happen. Volcanos  can produce things called Lahars (mudflow of debris) and a pyroclastic flows where gas, semi-solids and solid rocks fall down the side of the volcano at a high speed and cause mass destruction.

In the Maths session the pupils had to complete lots of real-life problem solving questions and put all of their maths knowledge to the test.

The last session was all about astronomy. The group was welcomed into an inflatable tent, where they all sat in a circle surrounding a projector. Images of our solar system were projected onto the circular roof of the tent. Students visited planets and constellations and loved finding out that many of the characters in Harry Potter share their names with stars. Finally students were shown what the stars would have looked like centuries ago.