Frodsham Roundtable Donate 10 Chromebooks

Mr S Edwards | |

The Frodsham Roundtable have very kindly purchased 10 Chromebooks for the pupils of Helsby High School. The Chromebooks will be used by pupils who for a variety of reasons, are unable to access their learning as well without the opportunity to word process. There are pupils with dyspraxia, arthritis, dyslexia and many other conditions who will greatly benefit from the kind generosity of Frodsham Roundtable. Pupils are able to sit their GCSE exams with the use of technology in certain situations where a pupil’s condition meets the criteria of the JCQ. However, they can only do this, if using technology has been their normal way of working inside the classroom. The SENDCo, Emily Tobin said, “we are not trying to replace pen and paper, and in most cases even pupils with serious conditions will be encouraged to write in some subjects. However, in lessons where students are asked to produce longer passages of written work, we find that some pupils are better able to demonstrate their ability when the pressure of writing with a pen is taken away from them.” One pupil sat the same PPE exam with and without the use of a Chromebook and the difference in marks equated to 2 grades. Helsby High School are keen to ensure that any barriers in displaying knowledge, ability and progress are removed for all pupils. One student who is benefiting from Frodsham Roundtable’s kind donation said, “I feel like I can write what is in my head and I don’t feel as stupid, because I can now produce work at the same pace as my peers.”

If your child has a special education need and you would like to know more about the provision provided by Helsby High School, please telephone Mrs Tobin, SENDCo, on 01928 723551.