Senior Citizens Christmas Party 2016

Mr S Edwards | |

Well that time of year has arrived once again and it was early doors here at Helsby in order to get the festivities underway for the annual OAP Christmas Party. The room was suitably dressed by Mrs Gilbert and her merry gang of Year 11 prefects. Whilst the jolly Miss Clarke, Miss Wilkes, Mrs Joyce and Mr Reid (we managed to nab him back for the day) drove around Helsby and Frodsham collecting some of our wonderful guests; back at the fort Mrs Ford (in her rather interesting Christmas hat) and Upper Sixth Health and Social Care students manned the car park and welcomed the rest of our guests.

Once we were all in and settled, supplied with tea and mince pies by Mrs Ray, the school’s band and choir performed beautifully. Kathleen from Kingsley commented “What wonderful music – the chamber choir in particular were brilliant, but the entire band and choir were wonderful, a great start to Christmas.” So a special thank you goes out to Mrs Hunter and Mrs Healey for their second fabulous performance this week.

Next up Mrs Cross with the drama production, Mr and Mrs Bickerton from Helsby beamed as they told us “the entertainment this year was fantastic, thank you so much for a wonderful day.” Everyone’s favourite, Bingo followed and was so popular that Miss Wilkes had to do another round whilst people munched away on their delicious spread.  Mrs Wroblewski. Mrs Roberts and her team of Year 10 students did a fantastic job on the food, keeping everyone well fed with a beautiful array of sandwiches, nibbles and cakes. Doreen from Helsby exclaimed “the mince pies and sandwiches here are second to none, absolutely fabulous.

We ended on the raffle, ran by Mr Dowler (Headteacher) and Miss Clarke, many happy faces and appreciative looks filled the school hall, and that was just from the students and staff! Bethany and Amy, Year 10 students, remarked on how wonderful the day was and how in talking to the OAP s of our local community, they found how isolated they can be and how important this day is. They continued by stating that we should remember the elderly at this time.

Each invitee then left with a smile on their face and a wonderful hamper to boot. Another successful year finished. Our student’s did us proud and it was commented by all and Anita from Helsby sums it up nicely, “Thank you in particular to all the students today, they make our day out so wonderful and it’s so lovely to see them smiling and wanting to spend time with us all.”

As a school we would also like to thank all the names mentioned above as well as many people behind the scenes that make this day such a success: Mrs Holland for her beautiful floral displays, Mrs Bailey for all her running around with the organization behind the scenes,  Mr Wilson and the Year 12 Photography students, all the students and staff for their contributions towards the hampers – they looked beautiful sat up on the stage and all we also have lots of wonderful items to be donated to Halton Food Bank, Wiltshire Farm Foods for their contributions to the day and all of our wonderful community that help make this day such a success.

A final comment from the June and Elise from Helsby, “the best year so far!