Christmas Hamper Appeal 2016

Mr S Edwards | |

In the run up to Christmas, Helsby High School will be carrying on the annual tradition of Christmas hampers for the senior citizens of our local community of Helsby, Frodsham and other surrounding areas. This gives us, as students, the chance to make a difference to the people around us.

Each form is encouraged to produce at least 2 hampers in the aim to produce over 100 hampers in total; these can be filled with fun gifts such as puzzle books, festive goodies such as mince pies, Christmas pudding and biscuits but nothing alcoholic, it is also encouraged for forms to include a Christmas card from the form as often those receiving hampers like to write back in gratitude. The hampers are decorated in festive wrapping paper, tinsel and even a few Christmas crackers!

Once all of the wonderful hampers are completed they are then delivered or given out at our festive Senior Citizens Christmas party. Due to the amazing generosity of our school community we were able to donate to the food bank in Runcorn last year and would like to do this again this year.

We encourage all students to contribute to such a worthy cause, helping make a difference to our local community and give to those who may not receive as much as us. It does make a difference to the elderly members of our community to see that young people do care and have thought about them at this time of year.

Sophie F
6th Form Prefect