Helsby Welcomes International Students

Mr S Edwards | |

Once again we are very fortunate to have some international students studying with us in Helsby Sixth Form.

We have 5 students this year, from a variety of countries, studying a variety of subjects.

Martin is from the Czech Republic and he is studying Biology, Geography, German and Mathematics. Martin chose to come to England to improve his English because he feels that English is really important in the world. He is pleased to have met, ‘many nice and friendly’ people.

Brealyn is from Australia and she is studying English Literature, Biology and Criminology with us until the end of November.  She chose to come to England to experience a different way of life, expand her friendship groups and improve her academic work.

Vittore is from Switzerland and he is studying Physics. Mathematics, Business Studies and Drama.  He chose to come to England to improve his English, make new friends and to satisfy his ‘wanderlust’.

Larsen is from Germany and he is studying Chemistry, Biology, Drama and Criminology.  He chose to come to England to experience a different culture, improve his skills in English and to make new friends.

Nathalie is also from Germany and she is studying Mathematics, Photography, Art and Design and Criminology.  She chose to come to England because she loves to travel, enjoys new experiences and wants to improve her skills in English.

All of the students are enjoying the experience and making a valuable contribution to their subject areas. We wish them a happy and successful time with us.

L Boyer