Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme

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Dear Parent/Guardian

We would like to inform you that the Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme will be delivered in Helsby High School from October 2016. This preventative programme of drug and alcohol education is part of our on- going commitment to ensuring the good health and wellbeing of all students in our establishment. It will help us to ensure our pupils are aware of the risks associated with drug or alcohol misuse, and understand some of the underlying factors that can contribute to problems developing i.e. low self esteem, peer pressure and risky behaviour.

Financed by the BIG Lottery Fund over the next three years, the Resilience Programme is delivered through a partnership of the Amy Winehouse Foundation and Addaction, a leading provider of substance misuse services for young people.

Pupils in Years 8-11 will attend tailored assemblies and workshops that will be facilitated by specialist staff and a team of highly trained volunteers in recovery. These volunteers are individuals who have in the past experienced and overcome their own problems with drugs or alcohol.

Addaction will then deliver a 6 week programme within the school, which will support pupils further in order for them to have the correct skills when experience situations which could be detrimental to their wellbeing. This evidence based programme will subsequently focus on improving their confidence, and coping skills, as well as attendance/behaviour and engagement within school.

If unwilling to provide consent for you child/children to take part in the programme please ring the school on 01928 723551 by 18th October 2016

We would also like to invite you to the Amy Winehouse Foundation Parents Evening which will take place in Helsby High School on Monday 17th October 2016 at 5pm until 7pm. If you are planning to attend this evening, please contact the school via the appropriate year admin email address:

During the evening you will be introduced to the Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme with an example life story share from one of our recovery champions. We will also provide Drug and Alcohol Awareness to you as parents and how to develop conversations with your children around substances and how they can be misused. This will give you, the relevant skills and information if you would like to discuss these issues with your children either now or in the future.

We will also be providing how to access information around substance misuse and give information around agencies, such as Young Addaction and Turning Point, who provide support and guidance surrounding these issues. There will also be information around substance misuse, self harm and hospital admissions to give you a better understanding of the issues in the area in which you live.

At the end of the evening, a parent’s factsheet will be provided summarizing all the information delivered in the session for you to take away and read through. There will also be an opportunity to ask any questions about the programme and any other issues that you may wish to discuss.

If you have any questions regarding the programme, please contact Emma Moran at or 01512572520/07790806641.

Kind regards

Emma Moran
Amy Winehouse Foundation Resilience Programme Practitioner