Penny Wars: Interburns Fundraising

Mr S Edwards | |

Interburns has been the school’s charity for the past two years. Penny Wars was started at the end of the Summer Term as our final fundraising event, before choosing a new charity for next year.

Each class was given a large sweet jar and the task to fill it with as many 1pence and 2pence coins as they could, before the week ended. Then the coppers would be counted and the class with the highest total would get the morning off timetable to watch a film. However, there was a small catch, other forms could sabotage your money jar by placing any notes or coins that weren’t copper in them. When the jar was counted these would be deducted from the total.  So, if you put a one pound coin in someone else’s jar, they would need a hundred pennies to balance it out.

I though Penny Wars was really fun because it was a very different idea and all the forms had to group together to raise money. The sabotaging increased excitement as other forms had a big impact over the end result. It was enjoyed by everyone, some became very competitive pulling out five or ten pound notes and others used the idea to get rid of all their loose change.

Penny Wars was also a great success for Interburns, raising a total of £728 through the whole school. Yet the winners were Mrs Thomas’ form raising a total of £77.50, despite being constantly sabotaged!

The grand raised total for Interburns over the past two years is £3700, which is amazing and will help so many people.