“You said, we did”!

Mr S Edwards | |

Helsby High School students have returned to school this week to find 2 significant upgrades to the fabric of the school.

Our ‘student voice’ panels have in recent times told us that whilst significant investment was made some time ago to upgrade the toilet facilities for girls in school, the facilities for boys needed refurbishment too. Therefore, over the summer in the region of £35,000 was invested doing this, for the main toilets in the centre of the school building.

This upgrade includes the installation of hand-sensor flushing and hand-washing, new soap dispensers, extractor fans, as well as the removal of urinals and the construction of new partition walls, doors and so on.

This project has also benefitted from the school-wide installation of new LED lighting, at an investment of £100,000. This not only is an energy-saving measure, which will in the medium and long term save the school money too, but it also provides a more consistent lighting environment for students in all parts of the school, aiding concentration and reducing the ‘flicker’ which was always a risk of the old fluorescent lights.

Two welcome school developments and more reason for us all to be proud of our school environment.