Poppy Appeal 2011

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Poppy Appeal 2011Once again it is the time of year when we take a moment to think about a defining moment in history, and present our respect and support for the British Army, past and present, in the form of a humble poppy pinned to our shirts.

The Royal British Legion works tirelessly every year to raise funds for war veterans and currently serving armed forces who risk their lives for the safety of the country and the world, it’s hard to believe that something as simple as purchasing one of the poppies can make a difference – but it does. With the money raised so far the charity has managed to achieve so much, such as making the lives of wounded soldiers a lot more comfortable when they return home. Often men and women return from places like Afghanistan and Iraq having lost limbs or are suffering from mental illness, it is a massive change to their lives and the money can help to adapt their home environment, pay for medical bills and give hope to these brave people.

This is an important cause that the Charity and Community Prefects at Helsby High School Sixth Form, led by Tom Stockton, Sam Stradling and Jane Kelly, were extremely keen to support and be a part of this year. Over the course of the two weeks leading up to Remembrance Sunday, we went around forms selling the poppies and raising money, and at the weekends some of us went to Hapsford Services to stand and sell poppies to the general public. Over the two weeks they raised an incredible £1,093.57! The Royal British Legion is incredibly keen on involving teenage members of the community in the charity and the work we have done this year proves that we are willing to give up our time and work with them too. We hope to continue this work for the charity every year, building a relationship between the school and the Royal British Legion and expanding the community’s knowledge and support of Remembrance Day.

Poppy Appeal 2011

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