BTCV Environmental Day at Norley

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BTCV Environmental Day at Norley

On Friday 21st October Mr Cooney and Mrs Robinson took us on a trip to the BTCV Environmental Day in Norley.  When we got there we had an introduction from the people that work there about what happens there and what sort of things they do.

In the introduction the people told us that before BTCV took over that, people in the war use to hide rockets and missiles there.

After the people told us about what used to be there, we went bug hunting.  When we went bug hunting there was a little pond and we found a frog in there, and then we came across willows beds that were behind the pond.  After we had been to the pond and seen the willow beds there was a white tent which had flies in.  There was also a bug hotel which had bugs inside.

BTCV Environmental Day at Norley

After we had been bug hunting we went in the forest school, were we made jewellery, and then made a den.  This was the best part of the day; we made the best den they had ever seen!

We were shown how to make Charcoal by using a big burner and we stacked up some wood in it.  We were then taken to see some tree stumps and he told us what time of month that they cut them down so that they can dry and burn properly.
BTCV Environmental Day at NorleyThen we went to do some tree felling, where they showed us how to cut the trees down, and then when the finally got it down we cut the branches off it.

The last thing we did was apple pressing.  They told us how to make apple juice and then we got told to try some but nobody would try any except Mr Cooney and Ryan Moss.

Then we got the bus back to school after a brilliant day out to BTCV!

by Mike Hayes 10HDA

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