Rugby 7’s Tournament

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Our Year 10’s and 11’s were involved in their first rugby tournament in a long time and showed outstanding achievement. Both teams went and achieved 100% winning records.

Our Year 11’s started the tournament v- Whitby 2nds. The game had a slight nervous start however; Helsby High soon turned things in their favour.

Score: Helsby 22 – Whitby 2nds 5

Year 10’s also started their tournament against – Whitby 2nds After watching their older peers achieve success there was only one thing on their mind. Winning! The boys came out like Wales did against Ireland and turned them over in every aspect of the game from scrum, line out and their pace with ball in hand.

Score: Helsby 27 – Whitby 2nds 7

Rugby 7's Tournament

Year 11’s v- Whitby 1st

Year 11’s knew things were going to be more difficult against Whitby’s first team however the score line didn’t suggest so. The team tightened up on some mistakes in the first game and were only short of performing the Haka. An excellent display of rugby and a very enjoyable game to watch.

Score: Helsby 26 – Whitby 1st 5

Rugby 7's Tournament

Year 10’s v- Whitby 1st

This game displayed true defensive and attacking prowess. There were two occasions where Helsby were pinned on their 5m line and came away without conceding. Patting each other on the back each time they worked a try or made a big tackle. They were enjoying the game as a team. Fantastic display!

Score: Helsby 22 – Whitby 1st  0

Rugby 7's Tournament

Year 11 v Super 7’s

This was to become Helsby’s most challenging game of the day. The Super 7’s contained the best players of the tournament to play the mighty Helsby Year 11’s. The game was end to end with both teams finding it difficult to break each other’s defensive line. After endless attempts Helsby finally broke through with a try and a conversion.

Score: Helsby 7 – Super 7’s   0

Rugby 7's Tournament

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