Cheshire Minors Track and Field Championships

Warrington Athletics Club recently played host to the annual Cheshire Minors (year 7) Track and Field Championships. This event sees the different regions of Cheshire compete against each other and gives individual athletes the opportunity to qualify to represent the county.

10 boys and one girl from Helsby Year 7 represented the Halton district with all having done well to make the team in the first instance. There were good performances all around but particular mention must go to Connor R who ran a fantastic race to come first in the 800m and be crowned county champion. He finished in the excellent time of 2:25.1 beating off some very strong oppostition, winning by just 0.2 seconds.

Other notable performances included Liam L who came 2nd in the discus by throwing 18.95m and Callum B who ran 5:10.5 in the 1500m to earn a 5th place finish.

Connor R

Year 9 Go4SET Team win Best Overall Project

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6 year nine students have completed a 3 month project working with an engineer from United Utilities.

The project began at a launch day at Daresbury Laboratories where they were introduced to the scheme and met the engineer they were working with from United Utilities. They spent the day on team building exercises, project management and deciding which project they should choose.

The students had a choice of 3 projects and picked the eco hotel.

The team met weekly with their engineer and worked as a team to research different methods of electricity production and then build a scale model of their hotel with hydroelectric power system, solar panels and heat exchangers.

They also considered water and sewage treatment and decided to use a reed bed and a bio-digester to do this.

The team collected all this information together and presented in a professional report.

The students then returned to Daresbury labs to present their model and ideas to a panel of engineers and won the best overall project.

Helsby Hillside Race for Life

On Friday 24th June we were lucky enough to be invited over the road to Helsby Hillside Primary School to help with their Race for Life event in order to help raise money for research into all 200 types of cancer.

We took over a dozen of our best runners from years 7, 8 and 9 and all the students involved were an absolute credit to the school and themselves displaying boundless energy, enthusiasm and support for all the Hillside students who were taking part.

The event actually consisted of three races all over a 5km distance. The youngest students ran in groups with each group completing three 250m relay intervals whilst the older students either ran five 250m relay  intervals or if they were brave enough the full 20 laps required to complete 5km.

All the Hillside students showed great enthusiasm and effort not to mention plenty of running ability (the future of our cross-country teams looks bright!) and were supported and encouraged along the way by our superb leaders.

Y10 Business Studies Trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Last Thursday, 70 of our GCSE Business Studies students enjoyed a trip to Blackpool pleasure beach to investigate their marketing strategy and investment projects.  Students identified the costs of many of their famous rides and the challenges faced by the park in recent years. They learnt about their target markets and strategies used to attract and retain customers. Finally of course, they tested the rides and gave them a customer satisfaction rating – The Big One and The Generator won hands down!!

Daresbury Laboratory: Accelerator science

On Wednesday 15th June 2016 I took all the Year 10 GCSE Physics pupils to Daresbury laboratories, Warrington for the day. They were offering a wonderful opportunity to experience a workshop at an international particle accelerator research facility. Whilst the Large Hadron Collider in Cern Switzerland is perhaps the most exciting example of Daresbury’s work, the students were also given other examples of their work such as Proton Beam Therapy for treating cancer.  The pupils then had the opportunity to build “particle accelerators” in salad bowls, rail guns and motors all using the principals of electromagnetism which the pupils cover throughout their 2 year Physics course. Some of the pupils were also given a guided tour of the research laboratories and to see some of the precision equipment used to detect sub-atomic particles.

Scientists working at research facilities often present and discuss their newly discovered findings on posters and meetings. After lunch the pupils presented their workshop experiences to the rest of the group. Elliot Williamson won the Particle Physics lunchtime quiz single-handedly.

It was a wonderful opportunity to see a cutting edge, multinational research facility that is less than 10 miles from Helsby High School.

Dr Parkes

Year 8 Everton cup winners 2016

Helsby Yr 8’s won the Everton cup at Finch farm Everton FC’s state of the art training complex.

Teams entering the competition had to qualify within their district so the standard of competition was high.  In training we had a strategy of a high energy pressing game with short sharp passing in possession.

In the first game against a tough Halewood team Helsby played with great intensity and passed the ball with purpose.  The score ended 1 1 but the performance was good!

Unfortunately, in the second game in a derby against P&P from Widnes we did not compete and lost 3 0 in performance lacking energy.  To qualify for the semi final a win against Rainford was paramount. We played with renewed vigour and won 2 0.

In the semi finals we played Christ the King school, winners of their group. Both teams competed for every ball but goalkeepers remained on top.  A penalty shoot out went to sudden death and Helsby kept their nerve to win. Meeting Helsby in the final was P&P it was time stand up and be counted! Helsby dominated possession and went 2- 0 up. The opposition got one back.

Helsby remained in control and won 2- 1 and became champions.  The team had shown desire and determination overcome adversity and deserved their victory.

IMG_0075 y8 Football team

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