GCE Year 13 & GCSE Year 11 Results Day

GCE Results Day is Thursday 18th August 2016. Year 13 students can collect their results from 8.00am onwards in the Breakout Space. Year 12 students are welcome to come into school from 9.00am onwards.

GCSE Results Day is Thursday 25th August 2016. Year 11 students can collect results from 9.00am in the Breakout Space. Year 10 students can collect results from 10.00am onwards.

Year 12 and 13 pupils who took a GCSE English or Maths resit will receive this result on Thursday 25th August 2016.

If a student is not able to come into school to collect their results themselves there are a number of options:

1. Write a letter giving permission for someone to collect their results on their behalf. The person collecting the results must be named in the letter and the letter must be signed by the student.

2. Results can be sent by email. If you have not already informed the school that you would like your results to be emailed, please contact Mrs Walker using rwalker@helsbyhigh.org.uk and confirm the email address you would like your results sending to.

3. Results can also be posted to you. Please ensure the Exams Office has a self-addressed, stamped envelope from you ready to do this. You should send an envelope into school in the post clearly marked for the Exams Office in time for the Results Days.

Y12 Physics visit to Daresbury

The visit gave us a great insight into the opportunities that our Physics A-level could provide for us in terms of further study and future careers, but also in relating what we have learned this year to the real world – such as at the careers fair, where many major local employers had stands with demonstrations. One of my personal favourites was the Unilever stand, where they showed us how they alter the viscosity of their shampoos to make them appropriate for consumer use, as we had learnt about viscosity in class but hadn’t dwelled too much on how an understanding of this property could be useful in the real world. There was something for everyone at the careers fair (including some live birds of prey!), and several students pointed this out as the highlight of their day.

The day began with a presentation on the history of the atom and the various discoveries that lead us to our understanding of the atom as we know it today. We were told about the major steps taken so far towards figuring out what was inside of an atom and how it worked – from the experiments conducted (using particle accelerators like the ones they have on site – ALICE and EMMA, which we had tours of later in the day) to the adaptations that had to be made to existing theories to accommodate for the new data. It was interesting learning about some of the history of physics, and many in the class were intrigued by the lecturer’s views on quarks and the Higgs boson in particular.

Afterwards, we were shown an electron microscope and saw a demonstration of how it is used to look at samples in great detail. We were also given a tour of the particle accelerators ALICE and EMMA, and given a brief explanation of how they work and how they are used for testing.

In the afternoon, we attended a workshop on detecting radiation from samples to identify their contents and walked around some more stalls which gave us information about studying physics and its related subjects at university, but also had some fun interactive demonstrations as well, such as the Van de Graff generator, marshmallows in a vacuum and a demonstration with liquid nitrogen (which is used to cool parts of the particle accelerators).

Students in the class liked how “hands on” the day was and how each activity was explained well, with a good demonstration given of some of the equipment that is used at the laboratories. One of the students summarised the day by saying that “[the] great variety of activities focusing on a range of different skills brought out the scientist in me”.

Pokemon Go – Guidance

Pokemon Go – Guidance

The game involves tracking Pokemon targets in the real world. The aim is to capture the targets as they appear on a user’s mobile phone screen.

The game has already caused safety concerns in other countries. ThinkUKnow in Australia has issued the following guidance to parents and carers:

1. Depending on your child’s age, search for Pokémon with them, or ensure they have a friend with them at all times if you’re comfortable with them being outside without parental supervision.

2. Make sure usernames don’t contain any identifying information. While there is no built-in chat feature, usernames will appear if you are in a ‘gym’. As you need to be physically near a gym to battle, it’s best those around you cannot identify you.

3. Be cautious of ‘Pokestops’ and ‘lures’. A ‘lure’ is an item that can lure Pokémon to a location. Other people you don’t know can also attend the location to catch the Pokémon.

4. Be aware that apps may also have access to your personal information and other applications on your phone, including your location and camera.

5. There are in-app purchases, so don’t forget to chat to your children about the consequences of buying items through the app.

Helpful hint: You can track your child’s activity on the app by clicking on the journal icon as it keeps a log of all activity. And remind your child you don’t have to walk to a Pokémon’s exact location to capture it. As long as it appears on the camera screen, you can capture it!

Year 8 Activity Days: Urenco Inspire our Engineers of the Future

in Featured | By Mr S Edwards,

On Friday 15th July URENCO, market leaders in uranium enrichment services, worked with 200 of our Year 8 students. During the day they ran a series of hands on challenges to inspire the students to learn about engineering, problem solving and working in a team.

Helsby High School is extremely fortunate to work with this world leading organisation and such a committed group of employees who led the activities with the students all day. We provide a growing number of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) opportunities and are delighted to welcome URENCO as ambassadors for our students.

Students shine at The Liverpool Everyman

On Tuesday 12th July 2016 a selection of 13 Key Stage 3 students performed at The Liverpool Everyman Theatre. The festival was a showcase of devised work from 8 schools across Merseyside and Cheshire and the stimulus given was Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. The students attended a workshop at the theatre in March to start to get to know the play and to get ideas rolling. They were also fortunate enough to have a theatre practitioner visit to school to see the progress made by students and to assist in the further development of the performance. On Tuesday 12th July the students underwent a full and professionally run technical rehearsal followed by two performances to a public and paying audience.  The students were completely professional at all moments of the day and performed a truly fantastic piece of work. The experience was enjoyed by all and we hope to engage in similar projects with the theatre in the future. Well done to all students involved!

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