GCSE Class of 2015 Awards Evening.

Some photos of our GCSE Class of 2015 Awards Evening which was held on 23/11/15 and which gave us a chance to celebrate the success of the whole year group.

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Book of the week- 23-11-2015.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower – Stephen Chbosky

Genre – Real Life

Charlie is an outsider, a typical wallflower. He gets bullied at school and prefers taking the forty minute walk home instead of the school bus. Charlie is sixteen years old and when he starts high school, his life is going to change forever.

Isn’t this a familiar set-up, don’t we already know these stories where the loser turns out to be the really cool, popular guy? Well all this is true too in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but just wait and you will find so much more. This book is going to catch and surprise you every time you turn a page.

In a series of letters written by Charlie and sent to an anonymous person we learn about his life, his new friends, his family and especially Charlie himself. He writes about school and his English teacher, Bill, who gives Charlie extra books to read. Charlie then writes essays about them. He would like to become a writer someday. Charlie himself is a mystery. He has mental problems, gets angry, sees things and then passes out. Right before he started high school his best friend died, but there is also another, worse reason for his problems. At school Charlie meets Patrick and Sam, both of whom are outsiders too, just cooler ones. What makes this book so special and authentic is its reality. It has the ability to show you what lies ahead and as a teenager it inspires you. And as we all know there is no other time when finding out who you are and where you belong to is more immediate than when you are a teenager.


Helsby High School Christmas Showcase.


Tickets £3 from Drama Office.

1st December 7:00pm.

In the Drama Studio. Tickets £3 from Drama office

Sold on a first come first served basis


The Drama and Theatre department are again presenting the Helsby High School Christmas Showcase. The evening of entertainment will showcase the abundance of talent from all year groups and includes performances of original material created by our students based on their learning in lessons and sections of year 12 and 13 set texts. We are always delighted by the support we receive from the friends and families of our actors and we look toward to welcoming the friends and families of our new year 7 actors and dancers.

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Chester University STEM Visit.

A group of Year 9 students attended a STEM event at Chester University which was sponsored by the RAF. We had some interesting hands on STEM sessions. During the first one we constructed a Lego robot and programmed it to move around, detect objects and respond to this input. Following many happy hours of Lego construction as children, the Helsby boys came runners up in this engineering challenge!

During the second session on cyber security we had to intercept a message sent from a spy. We used our computational skills to decode the message, then hacked into a website to find the location of a security risk to be able to disable it. The Helsby girls solved this challenge first and won a prize.

In the afternoon the Head of Maths from Chester University gave us an inspiring lecture on the importance of Maths and problem solving skills. We learned about the variety of potential careers that Maths could lead to. He demonstrated how Maths, logic and computational thinking are all used to solve problems and make decisions. He even managed to prove that changing your mind is statistically better on a game show! Just Google “The Monty Hall Problem” if you don’t believe it. We then played “Rock Paper Scissors ” to consider optimising game play even relating this to international politics.

Many thanks to Mr Reid for organising the trip and Bob Nicholson for driving (and his patience during the Lego construction task where he had to contend with having Mrs Lindop as his one and only team member).

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths careers are the fastest growth area for jobs. Following this event we have other STEM exciting opportunities in the pipeline so keep an eye out for them!

Rucksacks for Refugees

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,


Rucksacks For Refugees Appeal: aimed primarily at providing Syrian child refugees arriving in Greek islands with a small rucksack of essential items.

Possible items to include:

  • Underwear, especially warm vests and socks.
  • Hat, scarf, gloves.
  • Baby wipes and/or tissues.
  • Flannel, soap, toothbrush & toothpaste.
  • Small soft toy.
  • Colouring pads/paper and crayons, pens or pencils.
  • Bubbles, balloons etc.
  • Personal note.

Please pack all items (either new or nearly new) in a good quality small to medium sized rucksack, ideally water resistant, labelled clearly with rough age of child it is for. You may wish to do unisex packs (very helpful as this eases distribution), or label whether it’s primarily aimed at a boy or girl. 8-16 year old children tend to receive less than younger children and babies so any bag-packs for older children and teens would be especially welcomed.

Please pass them on to Ms. McGovern in S6: if she is not in then please leave them under the long bench tables beneath the Macs at the back of the room.

Any additional donations of adult or child clothing, boots/shoes or toys always gratefully received and will either be sent to Greek islands and other parts of Europe, or put for sale in the SHARE shop which will be opening opposite the old Odeon cinema in Chester on Saturday 12th December :)

Thank-you so much.

Anti-Bullying Week

in School News | By Mr S Edwards,

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