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Did you know that everything a computer does is based on ones and zeroes? It’s hard to imagine, because you hear people talking about the absolutely huge numbers that computers “crunch”. All those huge numbers are just made up of ones and zeros. This is known as binary. This week Year 7 have been learning all about binary as part of the new Computing scheme of work. There are some great, FREE and fun apps that students can download onto an Ipad or Ipod to reinforce the work that they have been doing in class. In the App Store simply search for Binary and there are several apps such as Ciso Binary Game  - Free Edition Binary Calc, Binary Converter. Students – why not pop into the library and try it on the school ipads if you don’t have access at home!

ICT on Tour

Mrs Turner arranged a tour of the network with the ICT Strategy Manager. Mr Ford took time out of his busy schedule to give the Year 11 students a “behind the scenes” tour. They were able to see exactly what makes the school network function. Students were given an interesting insight into the world of networking by someone who works with them every day. Visiting some of the lesser known parts of the school, students were able to view the cabling and hardware that keeps our school running! Networking is a topic students learn as part of the GCSE ICT course and this was a fantastic opportunity to see the expanse of our own school network.


Frodsham Chess Club


Frodsham Chess Club meets on Monday evenings at Frodsham Community Centre from September until June. We have fifteen or so members and we play social chess as well as having teams competing in the Chester and District League and the Wirral League.

Beginners and experienced players alike are welcome at our club.

For newcomers, chess is an ideal hobby for:

  • Children, to help develop concentration, logical thinking and self-confidence.
  • Adults, to help keep the brain active, develop and interest and make new social contacts.

It isn’t necessary to know how to play before you join us – members are always willing to show newcomers how to play.

Beginners’ Evenings – Monday 1st and Monday 8th September

Thinking of giving it a try? Why not come along to our Beginners’ Evenings on Monday 1st and Monday 8th September at 19:30 in the Community Centre? Newcomers with some experience will be welcome too, of course!


Secretary: Pat Ridley – 01928 719 787, 07816 200 512, patrick,

Chairman: Frank McGuigan – 01928 732 479





All Year 13 students who are applying to UCAS must get their personal statement and reference written and checked with their Form Tutor by Friday 24 October 2014.

Students Celebrate A Bumper Crop of GCSE History Results!

A massive “congratulations” is in order for the Class of 2014 GCSE History students who celebrated unprecedented success in results this year! 91% of our 79 students gained an A*-C grade and 49% gained the top A and A* grades. Two years of hard work and dedication to their studies paid off for these students, who now take with them a valued qualification onto their next stage of education. Parental and teacher nagging and natural ability also played a part in their success. The Department are extremely proud of all students, with massive successes for Tom Berrington, Lucy Williams, Tom Vaughan, Andrew Bradshaw, Daniel Burnett, Matthew Critchely, Ellen Cropely, Emily Earps, Andrew Gillott, Eleanor Hart, Rachael Hetherington, Eloise Houghton, Megan McEveley, Lauren Usher, Keiran Santry, Jamie Tyghe, Millie Newall and Matthew Neild- who all gained the elusive A*. Special mentions must go to Daniel Burnett and Lucy Williams who both achieved the dream of no marks lost!

To those students not continuing with History into A Level we wish you all great success in the future it has been an absolute pleasure to teach you all.

The History Team

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Welcome back to Helsby High School

From Mr Dowler

On behalf of everyone at Helsby High School I would like to welcome you back to the start of a new school year.

In particular, I would like to welcome parents/carers of students who are new to the school. We very much look forward to working closely with you over the coming years. The strong partnership between families and school plays a vital role in students at Helsby making better progress than students do nationally.

Our Year 7 students have made an excellent start to their secondary school education. The initiative, work and behaviour which they have shown so far has been excellent and a great credit to their families and our partner primary schools.

We are also delighted to welcome so many students into our Sixth Form, with a significant number joining us from other schools. They have quickly settled into Sixth Form life and I am sure that they will not need reminding to use their ‘study’ periods productively!

I am confident that our Sixth Form students will work hard to match the excellent 2014 results achieved by our A level students. An outstanding 57% of all grades were at A*/A or B and our initial analysis indicates that many of our students have made much more progress (added more value to their results) than students of similar abilities from other schools.

The summer 2014 GCSE results achieved by Helsby students were excellent. Students of all abilities made very good progress. There are some fantastic success stories from young people who achieved sets of GCSE results well above what their prior performance would have indicated. These included 53 students who achieved 5 or more A*/A grades.

Thanks to the hardwork of our talented students and staff and the support of families, I know that future year groups will achieve fantastic exam results in years to come.

Welcome to new staff

In September we have been joined by a number of new staff:

Miss R Ali – RE and Sociology
Ms C Atherton – History and Politics
Mr V Deacon – Associate Teacher
Mrs E Dougherty – Business and Economics
Mrs G Hale – Biology and Science
Mrs S Herbert – Deputy Headteacher and Mathematics
Mrs V Lewis – Head of MFL
Mrs M Louden – Student Support Co-ordinator
Miss J Moffatt – Learning Resources manager
Miss T Smith – Student Support Co-ordinator
Ms L Whitley – Mathematics
Mrs C Wynne – Physics and Science

I know that they will be welcomed by everyone at Helsby and I am sure that they will enjoy their time at the school.

Other news:

Water Sports
During August over 70 of our current Year 10 students enjoyed a superb Watersports visit to La Fosca in Spain. They enjoyed fantastic weather and great watersports. Our young people received many positive comments from members of the public as they were great ambassadors for their families and the school. I would like to thank them all and also Miss H Mounsey and her team who all volunteered to give up so much time to make the visit happen.

The Ultimate Brain
Episode 5 of this TV series featuring 3 of our current Year 8 students, Oliver, Thomas and Orla, was shown on CBBC in August. The Helsby team did really well and we are all proud of how they represented the school.

Improvements to the school building
Over the summer holiday our site and IT teams worked really hard and we returned to improvements including:

• Refurbished Modern Foreign Language rooms
• Redecoration around B Block
• New access gate for walkers to and from Frodsham
• New water fountains
• 300 Lockers for Year 7 and some other students
• Upgraded CCTV

Parental Portal
The MCAS parental remote access to view information about your son/daughter is being replaced by a similar system which will be just as good if not better. Further details about this will follow shortly.

Everyone at Helsby High School is looking to build on the very positive start of the year to make 2014-15 another successful one for our students.

Thank you for all your ongoing help and support.


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