Year 7 Maths assessment.

All Year 7 pupils will have a Maths assessment on 1st December.  This will consist of both non-calculator and calculator questions.  Ideally pupils will need their own scientific calculator.  Please encourage revision on mymaths.

Primary STEM workshop.

Y5 and 6 pupils from one of our feeder primary schools enjoyed a workshop on reversible changes on Wednesday 19th November. They were assisted by sixth form students in learning how to light a Bunsen burner safely and then they heated a range of substances to investigate chemical changes. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their laboratory session with Mrs Dawson and were particularly impressed with how brightly magnesium burns.


Helsby Year 9 girls at the BRC Quadrille.

in School News | By Miss C Bishop,

This is a picture of the Antrobus Riding Club Quadrille team. On 3rd and 4th October 2014, Holly & Lucy from Year 9 travelled down to Buckinghamshire, to compete in the British Riding Club Quadrille. They were placed 6th out of 15 and missed out on qualifying for Olympia by 1%! Their theme was ‘The Story of Snow White’ and they had to do a dressage test to music in their outfits. They hope to try again next year.
Holly – Happy, Bashful and Dopey – second from the left,
Lucy  – Sneezy and Doc – third from left

Quadrille photo - Holly Lynch,Beth Rees, Lucy O'Toole (3)

National Baking.

Ella in Year 9 was recently interviewed by her classmate Esme about her recent summertime success in a national baking competition which was held at Lords cricket ground in London.

  • How did you find out about the competition?

My dad found it in the Cricketer magazine

  • Where was the competition?

At Lords cricket club in London

  • How did you enter?

I had to write 50 words on why I should bake a cake for Lords

  • How did you come up with the idea?

I went on the Lords website and it gave me a virtual tour so I decided to do the idea of half the cake from 1814 and the other half from 2014.

  • What did you do on the day?

In the morning we finished the cake at the hotel, then we arrived at Lords cricket ground where we went into the Thomas Lords suite for judging.

  • Who were the judges?

Mike Gatting (former England captain), Juliet Sear & Head Pastry Chef Thierry Besselievre

  • What were the prizes?

Baking set, signed copy of Juliet Sear book.

  • Are you going enter any other competitions?

Maybe next year.

  • Was it a competition just for kids?

There was a children’s competition but no one else got through so I went into the adult competition

  • What happened after the competition?

I got a picture taken and an interview done




During an educational visit to Coca Cola in Wakefield, Year 12 Business students were given the chance to see inside a state-of-the-art manufacturing site; the 3rd largest automated plant in the world.

Each student had a unique opportunity to develop their knowledge of the world of work and make connections between what they learn in the classroom and the operations that are integral to one of the world’s leading brands… and Coca Cola didn’t disappoint!

Trip to Reasheath College.

On Tuesday 11th November, the Food Technology Department took 30 pupils for an action packed day at Reasheath College. The aim of the day was to give students an insight into the food industry. They all took part in 4 workshops, which were: making burgers and sausages in the butchery, making butter in the food processing halls, setting up and taking part in a taste panel and finally the college gave a talk on careers and courses in industry.   The students had to wear the correct PPE (Personal, protective equipment) you can see from the pictures this included hairnets, white coats and wellies. In addition, when in the butchery, they had to wear a metal apron and glove when using the knives. For more pictures from the day please follow our Twitter page HHS_FoodTech

Some feedback from the students

“The best part about the day was making butter and doing the taste testing (sensory analysis)”

“I enjoyed the day at Reasheath because it gave me an in-sight of what the industrial food world is like and what a collage course would be like”

“Overall the day was pretty good and I would consider going there to do a food related course”

“It was a fun day and I learnt lots whilst there”

“The best part was seeing how sausages are made”

Making Butter Sausages Mincer Butchery PPE

Young Sports Leaders


Year 6 pupils from our surrounding primary schools were trained on the themes Space, Task, Equipment and People to become Young Sports Leaders. At the end of the day pupils show cased their new leadership skills by delivering a short session to the rest of the group and are now leading at their schools.

Mr Callaghan (G&T coordinator)

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Anti-Bullying Week

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