Own Clothes and 6th Form School Uniform day 12 February 2016 in memory of Alex Tattersall

Friends of Alex Tattersall in the  6th Form  are planning an ‘Own Clothes Day’ for years 7-11 and “School Uniform Day” for Sixth Form students on Friday 12 February 2016.  Students will be asked to make donations or pay a minimum £1.00 in memory of Alex.
The money raised will be donated to the Walton Centre Charity in support of the Neurosurgery trauma unit that cared for Alex .  You can find out more details about the charity on the just giving page started following Alex’s death in December 2015.http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SomeoneSpecial/alextattersall

Please click for the letter Own Clothes day Memory AT Feb 16

Active Kids Get Cooking

The Food Technology Department are collecting vouchers from the Sainsbury’s Active Kids scheme.  There will be a collection box in pupil services and in both food rooms (A30/A32).  The vouchers will be used to obtain cooking equipment such as hand blenders, electric whisks, food processors and other essential cooking equipment. The scheme runs until July 2016. Thank you in advance for any vouchers you are able to collect for us.


Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Visit

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On Wednesday 27th January, Eva, Sarah, Ms Booth and I visited Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. The aim of this trip was to show students the difference between hospitals like Alder Hey, and hospitals supported by our school charity, Interburns, as illustrated in the photos above. When we arrived we were overwhelmed by the size and design of the new hospital. The hospital looks like 3 giant fingers with grass growing on the top. When we met up with Sian, the director of burn care, we entered through the old hospital. This was deserted and a lot smaller.

When we got inside the new building, we were even more amazed! In front of us was a huge wooden building held up by a number of metal branches. This was called the treehouse. In the centre of this giant hallway were many branches hanging on wire. Sitting on all of these branches were countless model birds and animals. Large screens showing young children’s programmes lined the colourful walls.

We went to see Louise; she is the Chief Nurse of burn care at Alder Hey. Also we visited the multi-faith room. This is a place where anybody of any religion can go and pray. This was very quiet and you can look down on the hospital. From inside you can see the busy atrium. We visited one of the patient’s rooms. The room was as good as a five star hotel room. There was even a chef on the ward!

Some of the hospital was designed by children so that is why children do not mind staying the night there.

There was one piece of equipment, a scanner that cost £50,000. The nurses said that they don’t use it that frequently and it is not very good. £50,000 could be used to improve an entire hospital in India. This shows how lucky we are. Outside the hospital is a helicopter pad. We saw the helicopter fly over the hospital when we were leaving!

I think that we shouldn’t take our amazing hospitals for granted as during our K2D trip we visited hospitals where patients had to sleep on the floor, and their families had to bring in food. This makes it harder for them to get better.

Well done to Helsby High for raising so much money to go towards improving burn care in countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh.


1) The new Alder Hey will contain 270 beds in total.

2) There will be 48 beds for children in the intensive care, high-dependency and burns units.

3) There will be 16 digitally enhanced operating theatres to provide life-saving treatment to thousands of children a year.

4) 70% of children at the hospital will be given their own private, en-suite bedrooms.

5) The new hospital has a floor area of 51,000 square metres – the size of more than seven football pitches.

6) The new building came with a £237m price tag.

7) The construction project was a massive boost for local employment – approximately 40% of workers were from the Liverpool area and another 25% were from the North West.

8) The construction workforce peaked at around 600 people at the height of the building project.

9) The new Alder Hey, when viewed from above, resembles a flower – this is thanks to former heart patient Eleanor Brogan, whose drawing of a flower when she was 14 inspired the design of the building. She is now in her early 20s.

10) A new multi-storey car park accompanies the new hospital on East Prescott Road with room for 1,200 cars.

11) The new hospital was built on the old public park. They will knock down the old Victorian hospital and build a new park!

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