Year 9 Design a Mobile App Challenge.

Year 9 Computing Classes were given a challenge to create an innovative idea for an app and submit a fully working prototype. The theme was based around their Year 9 project for healthy eating fast food restaurants.

Mrs Lindop (Head of Computing and Business) commented that this year’s entries were creative and inventive and many had unique selling points that had clear and viable marketability.

It was a difficult choice but 1st place went to Georgia with Oliver in 2nd place.

Well done to everybody that took part in the App Challenge.


Mobile Phones and E-safety

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Science Industry Partnership day at the Catalyst Museum (Year 8)

A short coach journey took us to the Catalyst Museum where we were allowed to explore the exhibits. There were lots of hands on activities to play with, which were very exciting and interesting. The museum comprises of three floors and the top floor being an observation floor so you can see all around the surrounding area. We got to see the Runcorn Bridge from a different angle and also the new bridge being built.

Next we went into a small theatre and watched an interactive film about a local company called Ineos. They produce chlorine and caustic soda from brine. It was very interesting and we got to answer questions and vote throughout the film.

After lunch we had three workshops to go to. They were with the National Nuclear laboratory, were we learnt about nuclear fission and fusion (future energy sources) and how much energy is in a glass of water. We then found out about waste management with a company called Veolia. They told us about the importance of science in everyday situations and there are opportunities for both men and women in the field of science. Finally, we had a presentation from Futures in Stem who discussed are preconceived ideas about science and we got to try and make a balloon kebab (it was very hard!).

Below are some of the things we enjoyed and learnt on the trip:

  •  The interactive film about Ineos.
  •  Learning about waste management.
  •  Making balloon kebabs.
  •  Exploring the museum and interactive experiments.
  • Many jobs require science.
  • Workshops were interesting and informative.
  • Educational and fun!
  • The puzzle room.
  • Exciting experience.
  • Talks with the scientists.
  • Jobs in science involve both men and women.
  • The top floor was my favourite!
  • The amount of activities at the Catalyst museum are exciting and interesting.
  • How science is involved in our daily lives.






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